Monday, 8 December 2008

Youth Evangelism Fund

Next Year Worcester Diocese is one of the dioceses to receive the Youth Evangelism Fund. All yougn people throughout the diocese will have the chance to apply for money (up to £2,500 for any single project) for work they are doing with other young people which brings them into contact with the church.

Three members of the youth council and I went up to London for the day on Saturday 6th December to hear all about it.

We saw the work of various groups which have already benefitted from money in other diocese including a skate park project, a youth puppet group, a cafe church for young people and a group who went out and worked in their local community to improve the appearance and facilities for other local residents. It really got us thinking about some things young people around the diocese could do.

Our diocese will be allocated over £20,000. Some dicoese haven't put in enough bids for their full allocation and others have ended up receiving more than they were allocated. I'd like Worcester to be in that latter category.

So in readiness for the fund coming to Worcester... what could your young people do with £2,500?

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