Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Fundng Opportunities

For those in the Dudley Borough there are some exciting possibilities for funding at the moment. Some of these may also be open to those in other districts. See the individual websites for details:

Community Spaces: Small and Medium Grants, rolling programme until January 2011
Size of grant available: £10,000 - £49,999 (100% funding available)
Funder aims: Availability of better local places which are safer for everyone
Funder outcomes: Better local environments with an increased number of people actively involved
Additional information: 2 stage application process for all, with availability of facilitator at 2nd stage to assist
Contact details: E-mail
Advice Line - 0845 3 671 671
Web Site

Community Spaces: Large and Flagship Grants, deadlines - Large 9th January 2009; Flagship 30th January 2009
Size of grant available: Large: £50-£100,000(100%); Flagship: £100,001-£450,000 (contribute min £50K)
Funder aims: More places for children to play and increased availability of greener spaces
Funder outcomes: Increase in areas of recreation/play and improvement in partnership working
Additional information: Mostly capital expenditure (25% maximum revenue costs allowed)
Contact details: as above

Access to Nature: through Big Lottery "Changing Spaces" programme/Natural England - rolling programme to June 2010
Size of grant available: £50,000 - £500,000 for capital and revenue funding up to 5 years
Match funding required: Grants up to £100,000 - 10%; grants up to £500,000 - 20%
Aims and outcomes of funder: Main themes: Community awareness, education and wild-life rich places
Additional information: Open to charities, community groups, statutory bodies, churches/faith groups
Contact details: Peter Loat, West Midlands Adviser - Web Site Address

Nationwide Foundation's Supporting Families: Small Grants programme - no deadlines
Size of grant available: Up to £5,000 (Registered Charities only with income below £500,000 per annum)
Average size of grant: £4,500 (2007/8 - almost £630,000 funding provided) across all 3 themed areas
Aims and outcomes of funder: Promote well being, improve quality of life, provide support through rehabilitation
Additional information: 3 themes to achieve aims: Domestic Violence, Prisoners' Families, Young Offenders

Web Site Address

Youth Music Open Programmes Awards: Closing date 15th December 2008
Size of grant available: £5,000 - £30,000
Target areas: First Steps (0-5 year olds) and Make it Sound (5-18 year olds)
Aims and outcomes of funder: To ensure that young people have access to music-making opportunities in England
Additional information: Support activities out of school hours/delivered by non-profit making organisations
Contact details: E-Mail
Web Site

The Gannett Foundation: Closing date Friday 24th October 2008
Size of grant available: £1,000 - £5,000
Aims and outcomes of funder: Various - youth development, disadvantaged, cultural, environmental projects
Additional information: All applications to be processed via Newsquest newspapers, e.g. Dudley News etc
Contact details: Telephone: 01384 444944 E-mail
Further details: On Newsquest site follow link to Gannett Foundation;

HBOS Foundation: No deadlines for applications
Size of grant available: Community Action Programme Awards up to £10,000
Aims and outcomes of funder: Money advice/financial literacy and developing/improving local communities
Application procedure: 3 page application form, download in PDF format from web site
Additional information: Only available in those communities where the HBOS bank operates
Contact details: Via Regional Co-ordinators - see web site for details

The Ibrahim Foundation: No deadlines, applications can be made at any time and grants are awarded twice a year.
Size of grant available: £500 - £10,000
Areas of interest: 4 preference areas are: community building; environment; strengthening "not for profit" organisations; supporting families.
Aims and outcomes of funder: Improve quality of life for people and communities
Additional information: Initially submit brief letter of enquiry, pending invitation to submit full proposal
Contact details: "Contact us" on web site or by e-mail
Web Site

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