Monday, 8 September 2008

Youthwork Magazine

For ideas, resources and guidance for youth ministry, why not subscribe to Youthwork Magazine. Youthwork magazine is published every month chock-full of ideas, news, reviews and resources. Every issue you can benefit from the following:
The Source:
The latest important youth ministry news stories to keep you up-to-date on people, events and places. Columns on the statutory sector and schools work. All spliced together with cultural analysis and opinion on the latest trends and goings on in and around youth culture.
Twelve pages of Resourcebox:
All-new adaptable meeting plans, drama, discussion starters, music and movie clips, together with the innovative CPR, ideas for schools work, and much more.
Insightful & relevant features:
Written by some of the best youth ministry writers around, as well as in-depth interviews, theory and practise, book extracts, and much more.
Going Deeper:
Regular articles which aim to dissect the deeper issues of youthwork and ministry.
The latest book, music and video resources for youth ministry reviewed by people in youth ministry.
The most comprehensive listing of youth and ministry jobs in the UK and abroad every month.
... plus much much more!
real-life case studies; reader's feedback; cultural icons; regular columns from Mike Pilavachi and Jill Rowe...

This is the most widely read resource serving Christian youth workers in the UK. One year £29 plus free copy of 40 more.Why not subscribe now? Just telephone the subscriptions department during office hours on 01903 602100.

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Martin said...

And... for all your Worcester Diocese youth blogging needs, why not visit Worcester Diocesan Youth blog! :-)

Thanks for such a positive mention! We love you too!

Martin (Youthwork mag)