Monday, 8 September 2008

New term, new ideas?

There are lots of great resources around which would help you with your youth group programme. It's just knowing where to find them.
You could try checking out the links to the right and see what the organisations have to offer.

How about signing up for some subscriptions or mailing lists?
Here are just a few of them you might like to contact.
Soul Survivor: The Catalogue.
For books, music, and information about training, there is no postage to pay when you buy direct from the Soul Survivor website.
Save the Children:
Resources for working with young people aged 12 - 18. Lots of Issue based material for youth leaders and young people to get their heads around. Tel 01752 202301, email: .
Church House Publishing
The Essential Resources from the Church of England. This has a really good section on Children's and Youth work. Check it out. Tel Church House Bookshop 020 7898 1301
YFC The Catalogue
This is another great catalogue, packed full of youth work resources, everything from programme ideas to training courses, tel. 0121 550 8055, or visit the website.
Russell House Publishing:
Direct work with young people, activities and programmes that you can run yourself. This catalogue contains resources that will help you as a youth worker develop many new skills. This is a learn to do by doing resource. Get on their mailing and you will receive a regular update of new publications. Tel 01297 442 722 or E-mail: Website.

The network for quality work with young people. This was known as Youth Clubs uk. Tel 020 7242 4045 Website.

For other resources you could try one of these online Christian bookshops:
Kevin Mayhew
St Andrew's Bookshop
or find a christian bookshop near you here.

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