Monday, 6 September 2010

Free Group Activity: Through the Bible in 12 Weeks

By Jenny Baker | August 2010

12 Lessons to Help Students Navigate the Big PictureReading the Bible is one thing. Understanding it is another...Your young people need to see the Big Picture when they read the Bible—God's story rolling throughout our history, throughout lives.Share these 12 one-hour sessions with your teenagers and you'll see light bulbs pop on as they "get it"—and discover... •How a collection of ancient books interlock—revealing a master plan •What picture of God emerges from his interactions with people. •Where they fit into the continuing story—now and in the futureIf your teenagers till think of the Bible as a disjointed jumble of stories and history lessons, give them the perspective they need. Ground their faith and confidence in God's Word.All 12 lessons are highly experiential. Your teenagers will create a mural and add to it each week. By the end, they'll have a panoramic view of God's story as revealed in the Bible!

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