Friday, 1 August 2008


WaRes is the new newsheet about resources available for work with children and young people from the Worcester Diocese.

free to borrow if returned safely
We have a complete set of Nooma DVDs for parishes to borrow free of charge. We only ask that you return the DVD to us undamaged either in person or via the post. See the separate Nooma leaflet for details.

This DVD of Ice-breaking games does rather defy description. If you like pandas, especially pandas from Newcastle-upon-Tyne or if you’re into slightly querky games and humour then this really is for you. There are 2 dvds each with 6 sets of icebreaker games from spot the chocolate bar from its cross section to anagrams in alphabet soup. The graphics are rather clunky but that’s just part of the appeal.

Mission and Young People at Risk
This CDrom tool from the Frontier Youth Trust is a great way to assess the needs of young people in your community as you look to start any new work with young people. It contains 700 screens looking at four subjects: Community, Communication', 'Mission' and 'Group work'.

If you have any suggestions for DVD resources which you think the diocese should invest in for use by parishes, do get in touch.

Sports/Games Equipment
Unihoc set £5 deposit £1/day £2 weekend
Large Connect Four (not giant but big!) £2 deposit free loan
Basketball £1 deposit free loan
Football pump £1 deposit free loan
Pack of 50 sports field markers £2 deposit free loan
Juggling balls £2 deposit free loan
Bopit £1 deposit free loan
Twister Scram £1 deposit free loan

Special equipment
See Breathe Booklet for details of this spirituality resource

£10 deposit Cost £1/day £2/weekend
Kubb is a Swedish stick-throwing game that involves skill and team work. It can be played with between 2 and 12 players and you will need a large garden or small field where you can set out the playing area with some room to spare around it. The game went down well with the young people at the Diocesan Assembly and is suitable for all ages over 7.

Crossword Connect
£2 deposit free loan
A set of 13x13cm interconnecting squares with letters on which can be used for all sorts of games and group activities.

£10 deposit Cost £1/day £2 weekend £5 week
Parachutes can be used with all ages for some great games and story-telling activities.

Tug of War Rope
£10 deposit Cost 50p/day £1/weekend £3/week

Craft Equipment
Badge Machine

Cost £10 plus 15p per badge

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